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Formerly from:


Alan Ng

International Marketing & Capacity Building


  • International Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

  • Intellectual Property, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

  • Skills Development & Vocational Training

Current Appointments:

  • Consultant at Asian Development Bank

  • Co-Founder of Brands for Good Limited

  • Managing Director at ABBA Consulting Pte Ltd


  • Director, CEO Office, at Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

  • Advisor, Director-General's Office, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development

  • Director at Singapore Cooperation Enterprise

  • Board Member at Asian Development Bank


  • India

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Rwanda

  • Uzbekistan 

  • Southeast Asia

Alan is currently a consultant at the Asian Development Bank. He is a branding specialist with a decade of experience in brand development and strategy, international relations and strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship and human development. Since 2000, Alan has helped Singaporean SMEs become stronger brands; some of his clients include BreadTalk Group, Charles & Keith, Orange Tee and Panasonic.

As Director for International Engagement in Intellectual Property Office of Singapore  (IPOS), Alan helped enhance and enrich relationships with IPOS' key stakeholders outside Singapore, including government agencies, institutions, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others.


As founding director at the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE), owned by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade & Industry, Alan led Singapore’s partnership foray into emerging markets. For example, he led an advisory project with The Bahrain Labour Fund to help the Bahraini government achieve the following: (a) optimisation of talent pool, (b) enabling of enterprise growth and (c) improvement of its labour market policies. 


Prior to SCE, Alan served at International Enterprise (today’s Enterprise Singapore). He represented Singapore in its initiatives to reach out to multilaterals as well as represented the country’s interests as a board member at the Asian Development Bank.

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