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Core Advisory undertakes a multitude of projects around the world for diverse client profiles. Our experts and partners enable us to deliver customized solutions for complex problems that are implementable in the ever changing nature of real-world conditions.


Infrastructure, Asia, Africa

Strategy - Corporate Carve-out for Africa

We secured expressions of interest from 3 multilateral institutions, facilitated investor workshops and produced an Africa strategy for the carve-out entity.

SEZ in SEA 6

SEZ, Southeast Asia

SEZs & Industrial Parks Management in Southeast Asia

We developed an 8-day program, conducted masterclasses on the SIJORI growth corridor between Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and organised networking events.


Mobilising Finance, China

Mobilising International Finance

We conducted reviews and supported discussions of projects for financing, and advised the Client on strategies to engage key Chinese stakeholders.

Image by Nick Agus Arya

SEZ, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Maloy SEZ, Kalimantan, Indonesia

We developed a strategy and business plan, designed a governance policy & incentive framework  and produced a new city master-plan.


SEZ, China

Study Visit to Shanghai and Suzhou Industrial Park

We planned an itinerary of logistics, transport and B2B meetings for the Client's international delegation visit to Suzhou Industrial Park.

Guinea single window 2

Trade & Supply Chains, Guinea

Guinea Single Window Project

We facilitated stakeholder meetings with Customs, Port Authorities, Ministers of Transport and several agencies, chambers and private corporations. We also contributed to a joint venture proposal for a comprehensive trade facilitation platform.


Investment Promotion, China

SEZ Forum at BRICS Summit


We carried out the strategic promotion of Guinea Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at the BRICS Summit 2017 in Fujian, China. VIPs speakers included the President of the Republic of Guinea, the Vice Governor of Fujian province.


Metals & Mining, Guinea

Transforming Guinea's Bauxite Cluster

We identified key competitive advantages, broadened the Client's market access to new buyers and developed a proposal to diversify the Boke region beyond mining.

Image by Shunya Koide

Ports & Maritime, Congo (Kinshasa)

DRC Port of Banana Development

We conducted site visits to the Port of Banana in DR Congo and produced pre-feasibility studies on improvements to port operations.

Image by Carlos Daniel

SEZ, Guinea

US$2bn Guinea Special Economic Zone

We introduced a new legislation for Guinea and governance framework, produced project development studies and conducted feasibility studies alongside investor roadshows in Singapore, Guinea and China.

Image by chuttersnap

Ports & Maritime, Africa Region

African Port Leadership Management Program

We organised programs covering Singapore and Malaysia, including networking sessions and round tables with port ecosystem businesses. 


Infrastructure, Conakry

US$100mn Conakry Urban Regeneration Project

We conducted site visits and constructed developmental parameters and finally, designed visionary overlays detailing the layout, interior design and aerial view.

Africa leadership prog 6

Economic Dev., DRC, Guinea-Bissau

Africa Strategy and Leadership Program

We conducted masterclasses with focused deep-dives into economic strategies, strategic governance, agriculture and SEZs.

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