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We have produced research papers and reports in our advisory areas of practice. We either led the research for these reports, or co-produced them with other firms and organisations. 

Founding of Temasek and its role in national building

Sep, 2020  |  Core Advisory

Starting out with the nation building years of Singapore from 1959,this note sets out the rationale for the founding of Temasek Holdings. Secondly, it distills the benefits accrued to Singapore, in areas related to economic development and fiscal sustainability.

Singapore model for African sovereign funds

Jan, 2019  |  OMFIF 10th Anniversary Publication

Asian sovereign funds have played an important role as engines of development and economic growth over the past 50 years. In 1965, Singapore’s GDP per capita was just $500, on par with that of Mexico and South Africa. In 2017, it was more than 100-fold higher, at $56,000.

Africa-Asia economic relations: Let the private sector shine

Sep 21, 2018   |   Published on The Africa Report

For almost two decades, Asian governments have been very vocal in their desire to get involved in the African continent. The numerous Bilateral forums, conferences, meetings and seminars have yielded constructive outcomes, ranging from memoranda of understanding (MoU) to billions of financial commitments.

2015 Africa Asia Oil & Gas Special

By CORE Advisory and Africa South East Asia Chamber of Commerce

Notwithstanding the recent slowdown in global oil and gas markets, Africa’s attractiveness to foreign investors in the oil and gas sector has improved significantly within the last decade. According to the World Energy Outlook, about 30% of the world’s hydrocarbon discoveries from 2009 to 2014 were made in Sub- Saharan Africa.

Africa and Asia: Weaving an $18 bil. African 'batik

Jan 2015  |  Published in Africa Asia Business

Business synergies are emerging between Southeast Asia and Africa, a powerful economic narrative that cannot be ignored.

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