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Our Approach

We provide expertise on Sovereign Wealth Funds and asset management in both private and public sectors.

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Our Approach

We are commencing a practice area in terms of studying the historical development and evolution of Asia’s Sovereign Wealth funds (SWF). In doing so, we hope to distill practical lessons for other emerging countries embarking on or considering the establishment of SWFs as an engine of economic and social growth. For example, we have completed a paper on Temasek holdings, focusing on its raison d’etre for Singapore and its evolution since 1974.

CORE Insights

Singapore model for African SWFs

Asian sovereign funds have played an important role as engines of development and economic growth over the past 50 years. In 1965, Singapore’s GDP per capita was just $500, on par with that of Mexico and South Africa. In 2017, it was more than 100-fold higher, at $56,000.


Pension Funds

Our Approach

The rising middle class in emerging markets will lead to an explosion in terms of assets under management by the pension and savings funds of emerging countries. We are currently studying Singapore’s “pension fund” model and distilling lessons for other countries in terms of how Singapore was able to leverage its pension fund (known as the Central Provident fund) to provide its citizens with affordable housing, healthcare, and education.

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