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Date: 2018

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The One Belt, One Road development initiative was poised to revolutionise China’s trade and economic relations with the neighbouring eurasian countries. 


We carried out a comprehensive study on the issues and opportunities for investments into the Belt and Road Initiative. The analysis spans a multitude of diverse countries and sectors, synthesising the investment climate and opportunities for a US$1billion Belt Road specific Infrastructure Fund

Key Problem

Stakeholders, both current and potential, face three main problems today. We identified the principle issues that are currently being faced by companies, financers and governments

Unique Solution

The substantive efficacy of the fund finds its roots in the extensive network that is integrated into supporting committees and the expertise, especially with regard to cost-savvy operations, to which we have access.

The optimal procedural consideration have also been drawn into a conclusive roadmap indicating the investment process and the opportunities for profit at the various stages of the investment.

Cross-Country Comparison

The infrastructural funds set up by other countries have also been put in comparison with each other, contrasting their partnership models and targeted sectors. Special attention is also given to chinese investment abroad, particularly in OBOR countries and to the existing logistical developments carried out sectors including ports, special economic zones and logistics.


Estimated Infrastructure Investments and Gaps per annum

  • The infrastructure investment gap is around $330 billion per annum, equivalent to 1.7%of projected GDP of the 25 DMCs.

  • Developing Asia will need to invest $26 trillion from 2016 to 2030, or $1.7 trillion.

Relevant Works


Investment Promotion

Image by Duy Nguyen



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