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Cheong Wai Chew

Foreign Domestic Investment & Investment Promotion


  • Foreign Investment Promotion

  • Industrial Development

  • Enterprise Development


  • Business Advisor to a listed company

  • Centre Director for New York, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)


  • Singapore

  • U.S.A

Cheong Wai Chew is an independent business and economic development consultant.  In this capacity he is engaged in providing consulting work and conducting courses in foreign investment promotion, industrial development and in enterprise development.  He has also been engaged in business consulting for new venture development and management in Taiwan in Mainland China.


As an Industrial Development Advisor, Wai-chew conducted courses, seminars and workshops in foreign investment promotion for government officials. Additionally, he conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of an Economic Zone’s investment promotion, participated in an economic planning forum for Guinea-Bissau, as well as in a consultative workshop on electronic manufacturing manpower development in Abu Dhabi.


He has also provided economic strategic planning services to a private economic consultancy. As a lecturer, Wai-chew has also taught courses in new venture creation and management and international business and prior to entering business, Wai-chew worked with an Asian-wide private investment company where he was involved in new venture evaluation, financing, and in management of startup problems.

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